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The Museum of London Cricket Club site

Museum of London Cricket Club website

One of my few concessions to the satanic ritual commonly known as “exercise” is playing cricket. My team is the Museum of London Cricket Club, formed by, but now largely devoid of, staff of that august institution. I play cricket much like a drunkard sings: with enthusiasm but little skill, but I'm quite proud of my efforts in creating the club website.

Geographic map of the London Underground (281kB PNG file)

A geographically correct map of the London Underground network

A map of the tube, showing the lines as they really are. It's not as beautifully rendered as this one, but is perhaps more accurate and does cover the entire London Underground network. Compare and contrast with the Daddy of all public transport maps, the non-geographically correct map of the London Underground.

The positions of the stations are as to scale as I could make them; there are just a couple of places where I've had to slightly adjust a station's position to make it fit neatly around the other lines. The lines themselves are of course not to scale, in order to make them visible.

21st July 2005: Just discovered these computer-generated versions on Wikipedia. Excellent work, I think you'll agree. Why didn't I think of that?

9th August 2007: Updated the map to show the Docklands City Airport extension.

Nick's Photos

Nick's Photos

Now that I have a digital camera, I'm taking lots of pictures. The miniscule percentage that are any good I'm sharing with you here.

British royal family tree (88kB PDF)

British royal family tree

The genealogy of the British royal family since William the Conqueror. It shows monarchs and their spouses, and children ancestral to monarchs. Between the Wars of the Roses and Tudor times it gets very complicated!

One thing I find interesting about it is how many of Britain's most well-known monarchs aren't ancestors of the current monarch, e.g. Richard I, Henry V, Richard III, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Charles I and II. Not shown on this tree for reasons of space are the other children of monarchs; it's amazing how many children died before inheriting the throne. Must be all that syphilis that was about in aristocratic circles in days of yore.


A geographically correct map of the London Underground network

Cooking, as with many pastimes, is fun when you want to do it and a bind when you have to. Here are some recipes that I have made (or adapted), in those rare moments when I want to cook. [still a work in progress: some links don't work yet]

The outside world...

Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society

The society for all those interested in the history of Leyton and its surrounding area. I made their website.